Welcome to the world of dolls! Our store is full of unique finds that will bring magic to every moment. Bring joy to both children and adults.

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Handmade Teddy bears

Teddy bear is a special and unique toy, a perfect gift for any age. Each teddy bear created by me is unique! Pleasant to the touch and a joy to hold in your hands.


Blythe′s Doll World

Blythe is a collector′s doll with a mechanism for changing eye color and gaze direction, controlled by a string with a ring on the end, located in the back of the head.

Blythe dolls

Our store!

Our store offers unique handmade crafts and art! Our range includes crafting supplies, handmade dolls and teddy bears, stylish clothing and shoes for dolls such as Blythe and Paola Reina. Visit our website to learn more!


About Us

IWelcome to the fascinating world of doll collecting! Our online store invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of unique handmade dolls, Teddy bears, and the collection of Blaze and Paola Reina dolls. n our store, you will discover a variety of exclusive clothing and footwear, handmade specifically for Blaze dolls. Each of them possesses a unique personality and style, making them particularly attractive to collectors. Visit our website and choose your perfect doll right now! Create your unique collection with us.

Teddy bear

The Teddy Bear is a special and unique toy. It is sewn entirely by hand from German or Italian viscose, filled with sawdust with the addition of metal granules.

Textile doll

Textile doll is a completely handmade creation, standing at 22 cm tall. The head is rotatable, and the arms and legs are posable. The hair is made from natural Angora goat wool. The doll can stand independently in footwear. The clothing is easily removable and interchangeable, allowing the doll to adopt various looks.

Collectible doll

Jointed beauty Blaze is the perfect choice for a collection or gift. All joints are movable, giving her an expressive character. Eyes switch between 4 colors, adding mystery.

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Dear Customers! Please note that the minimum order amount in our store is 100 hryvnias. We are ready to offer you a wide selection of fabrics and ribbons, which will be cut to the size of your order after 100% payment. Payment and delivery are made as follows: to PrivatBank card (details are provided in the message or via Viber). Cash on delivery is available only for delivery through Nova Poshta, and we take an advance payment of 70 hryvnias as a guarantee of your order. The order will be shipped only after payment is received on the bank account or PrivatBank card. Orders placed on Sunday are processed starting from Monday. Orders sent by Ukrposhta also require 100% prepayment. We are pleased to offer you delivery throughout Europe with full prepayment and coverage of postal expenses. Happy shopping!

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Our online store is connected to a secure electronic payment system, which allows you to pay for our goods and services using any Visa and MasterCard cards issued by Ukrainian banks.

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About me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my magical world! Let′s get to know each other better. My name is Elena. Since childhood, my life has been inseparably connected with creativity, specifically with handicrafts. Sewing, knitting with needles, embroidery – the list goes on endlessly.

The love for this type of activity was instilled in me by my grandmother. She was the owner of a fashion atelier and a skilled craftswoman in her own right. I observed her, revolved around her, and constantly tried to do the same. In my childhood, I had my own room, filled with many dolls and my beloved monkey Teddy.

While my grandmother was tailoring beautiful outfits for her clients, I, at that time, was doing the same with dolls. This became my hobby. I have been working at a school for many years, and in the breaks between, I create little masterpieces. Hobby is my soul, my world, my inspiration. And I′ve decided to share this beauty with you.

I′m looking forward to welcoming you to my home, to share the magic and fairy tale.

Magic world

The world of needlework is amazingly multifaceted. Blythe dolls, Paola Reina, teddy bears and more are waiting for you.

Extraordinary Beauty

Each doll is a unique and unparalleled masterpiece, a true find for collectors.

Paola Reina dolls

Made of vinyl with a light vanilla scent. Dense, high-quality hair. Production: Spain.

Masters of their craft

Creating by hand, infusing personal effort into every detail. Diverse Teddy bears, unique dolls, handmade footwear, and clothing.

Handmade what is it

Handmade - the creation of unique items by hand, each one being one-of-a-kind.

Collectible finds

You can purchase them for yourself or as a gift. They will decorate any collector′s corner.


We offer delivery only upon prepayment. Shipping costs are covered by the customer. We ship throughout Europe with full prepayment and coverage of postal expenses.


Minimum order amount on the website — 100 UAH. Payment to PrivatBank card. Cash on delivery through Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta.

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We are ready to answer your questions and help you in case of problems.

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